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The Potential Benefits of Scope Creep: The Yates Report

By Ashlyn Clark On September 30, 2021, The Athletic published an article detailing a pattern of sexual coercion by National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) coach Paul Riley against two players and the League’s subsequent failure to investigate a complaint against Riley by one of those players. The article brought the NWSL — a league that […]

Not a Slam-Dunk Case

On November 4, 2021, ESPN Senior Writer Baxter Holmes published an article entitled “Allegations of racism and misogyny within the Phoenix Suns: Inside Robert Sarver’s 17-year tenure as owner.” The article detailed allegations of racism and misogyny in the workplace during Robert Sarver’s tenure as the owner the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association […]

Amy Oppenheimer Executive Profile in San Francisco Business Times

We’ve always known that OIG founding partner Amy Oppenheimer is a trailblazer. This “Executive Profile” piece from the December 17, 2021, issue of the San Francisco Business Times shares a little of her story, what inspired her to develop a practice in workplace investigations, and some insights into what inspires her outside of the office. […]

Book – Investigating Workplace Harassment: How to be Fair, Thorough, and Legal

“Easy-to-read, jampacked with excellent information, good examples, and readily accessible steps for investigating and managing harassment; it belongs on every manager’s desk.”  — Donald H. Weiss, Ph.D., President and CEO, Self-Management Communications, Inc.   Investigating Workplace Harassment, which was co-authored by Amy Oppenheimer and Craig Pratt, provides step-by-step techniques for investigating allegations of all types of […]

Date Title  
11/09/2022 The Potential Benefits of Scope Creep: The Yates Report Details
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08/05/2022 Private Company Director: Navigate the Aftermath of a Workplace Investigation Details
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07/21/2022 How to Manage a Multigenerational Workforce Details
05/17/2022 Do’s and Don’ts When Interviewing in a Second Language Details
04/20/2022 Lessons from Ted Lasso Details
12/17/2021 Amy Oppenheimer Executive Profile in San Francisco Business Times Details
12/01/2021 Unintentional Misconduct is Still Misconduct: Tips for investigating unconscious bias Details
11/22/2021 The Place Where it Happened: Reflections on a Visit to George Floyd Square Details
11/08/2021 Microaggression Versus Dog Whistle Details
11/01/2021 Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying Details
10/21/2021 How to Reign in Workplace Harassment Before Employees Quit Details
10/08/2021 Lessons From the Tesla Racial Harassment Case Details
08/26/2021 Five lessons we can learn from the Cuomo debacle – and one reminder Details
08/03/2021 Intersectionality in Investigations Details
07/02/2021 The Pros and Cons of Handling Harassment Accusations in the Media Details
06/25/2021 Why Investigate Behavior That Is Not Illegal? Details
06/09/2021 Mediation: An Alternative Approach to Workplace Conflict Details
04/23/2021 Ken Hawkins — “How we approach conflict” Details
02/25/2021 Black and White: To Capitalize or Not to Capitalize Details
11/02/2020 Investigating Employee Complaints: Managing Expectations Details
01/20/2014 A Biased Investigation Is Worse Than No Investigation At All! Details
10/08/2013 Preventing Unintentional Discrimination Details
01/30/2013 California Court Finds Good Faith Investigation Prevents Liability for Terminating Employee Details
11/05/2012 Racial, Ethnic and Religious Harassment at Work in 2012 Details
01/29/2012 Investigative Report can be Disclosed to the Public Details
03/15/2011 Supreme Court Gives Employers Another Reason to Do Thorough Investigations Details
12/29/2002 Book – Investigating Workplace Harassment: How to be Fair, Thorough, and Legal Details